Hudson’s Hope RCMP respond to 32 calls for service

HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. – Hudson’s Hope RCMP responded to 32 calls for service, according to their monthly report….

HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. – Hudson’s Hope RCMP responded to 32 calls for service, according to their monthly report.

Between December 15th and January 26th, RCMP issued 47 written violations and warning tickets to drivers, 36 of the violations speeding in a school zone.

Highway and road safety is still a main focus for the RCMP, with the Beattie Drive school zone and the construction zones along Highway 29.

On December 19th, police monitored speed and cell phone usage during a roadside check-stop along Beattie Drive. A distracted driving ticket starts at $368 with an additional $175 for penalty points. For a first offence, the total is $543.

On December 22, police received a report of a tractor-trailer hauling an insecure load of hay along Canyon Drive. The truck was located, and police found no tie straps or any securement for the hay. The driver of the truck was fined.

Also on December 22nd, RCMP received a report of a cow moose who seemed to be stuck on a frozen pond. After a few hours, police were called to help assist with wrangling the moose off the pond so it wouldn’t freeze to death from lack of body heat. After getting assistance from a resident and his tractor, the moose was removed from the ice.

On December 31st, police stopped a vehicle for speeding along Canyon Drive. After an investigation,  it was confirmed that the novice driver was operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and was issued a 12-hour driving suspension and violations tickets.

On January 9th, police were advised of a local business operating in breach of the EPA-Protective Measures (COVID-19 Order). After an investigation, police confirmed the violation, and the business was then fined $2,300.

On January 23rd, RCMP conducted a vehicle check-stop along Canyon Drive. Vehicles, including commercial trucks, were stopped, but no violations were observed.

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