UPDATE: GoFundMe goal updated and the amount raised as of 10:30 am January 26th.

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C – The community is once again coming together to help out a deserving family in need.

For Dave and Sonya Wilson, things had been looking up as their dream of having a youth equestrian centre on their small farm was falling into place, Dave was home after being away at work for five months, and the family was happy to be together for the holidays.

On December 21st, while driving to the store with his seven-year-old twins, Dave felt his right leg start to go numb. Concerned, he pulled onto the side of the road and tried to walk it off. He called his wife Sonya to come to get him. While on the phone with Sonya, Dave had a seizure. On the other line, Sonya could only listen as their twins began to panic.

Dave was taken to the hospital, where they performed a CT scan, which showed a brain tumor.

On January 14th, a neurosurgeon in Vancouver performed a biopsy on the tumor. Then on January 20th, Dave was rushed to the hospital with another seizure. While in the hospital, Sonya received a call from the neurologist who said that Dave had been diagnosed with a Grade 4 Glioblastoma. One of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer and the most lethal.

A GoFundMe was created to help the family with their mortgage payments and help out with bills required for their youth equestrian centre, ‘Wyld Acres Farm & Arena.’

The farm includes equine therapy and summer camps for kids. Sonya says the farm has also turned into a bit of a rescue centre despite not being the original intention.

“The farm is our dream. We invested everything into the farm. Not only for our kids can learn about being part of something. But also, the whole purpose was to create an income where my husband could get home from the oil field.”

One of the organizers, Bonnie Huhn, works with the Wilson’s on their farm. She says the Wilson’s have been so open and accepted Huhn as a family member, even spending Christmas with them.

Being a hard pill to swallow, Sonya was hesitant to ask for help at first.

“It was really, really difficult. But I mean, the reality is, the idea of going through supporting my husband, running our business, and helping our kids through this, and being responsible for everything in the immediate future, is too much,” says Sonya.

The funds will help with the centre’s operational costs while Sonya and David aren’t able to work and will cover Sonya’s travel costs to Victoria.

When Engerticcity reached out to Sonya, she says that the family is “absolutely humbled and incredibly grateful for the help and support.”

The GoFundMe has a goal of $50,000, and as of 10:30 am January 26th, there is $31,645 raised.

“I’m not going to say we’re surprised because we know this community is an amazing, strong community.”