Taylor continues budget talks

TAYLOR, B.C – Mayor and council head back to the chambers to discuss the proposed 2021-2025 draft budget for t…

TAYLOR, B.C – Mayor and council head back to the chambers to discuss the proposed 2021-2025 draft budget for the District of Taylor.

After being presented with the operating budget in December, council saw the capital plan, in the draft, for the first time on Monday.

Three scenarios were presented for 2021, each balancing the budget at a little over $11.1 million for expenditures and revenue coming in.

The only change between the scenarios was the amount committed towards operating costs with the lowest being over $6.7 million and $7 million being the highest. The lower the operational amount , the more money that goes into reserves.

Mayor Rob Fraser says council is leaning towards fully implementing the district’s operations as he expects restrictions to ease up.

“We’re thinking that by the end of spring or early summer because a lot of our operations happen the summer heading that we’re going to be at almost full capacity.”

Last year, the district halted park maintenance as most people were home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We didn’t cut grass. We didn’t whipper snip. We’re gonna do all of that this year. I think that’s what we’re leading to unless there’s a complete meltdown of the federal and provincial plans concerning bringing the economy back.”

The Public Works Building accounts for 78 per cent of the 3.9 million proposed for capital expenses funded through reserves. Other major expenditures include replacing the Vac Truck and new trackless unit which replaces the frontline unit.

Capital projects:

The budget also shows $76,000 for projects being carried forward.

The draft states the capital budget meets the requirements to have 85 per cent of the Peace River Agreement monies and Gas tax monies are utilized for capital costs.

The district did not include money received from the COVID-19 Restart Grant and placed into Reserves and only accessed by Council resolution.



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