Victoria, B.C – B.C has bought 2.5 hectares of land in Muncho Lake Park.

In a 2019-2020 land acquisition report, the province says the waterfront was purchased for $590,000 to enhance camping in the northeast part of the province.

“The natural beauty of Muncho Lake Park includes spectacular folded mountains, bountiful wildlife, brilliantly-coloured wildflowers, impressive geological formations and alluvial fans. Muncho Lake is home to lake trout, arctic grayling, bull trout, and whitefish,” says the report.

In total, the province bought 650 hectares of land last year, valued at $9.7 million, for over $6.5 million.

“Each year the Provincial Government acquires new lands for parks and protected areas. These acquisitions are often augmented by individuals, corporations and conservation groups.”

A total of 19 properties were acquired including the 59 hectares in the West Twin protected area for $120,000 and a 0.9-hectares statutory right of way in Mount Robson Park for $50,000.