VICTORIA, B.C. – Two international consultants will also be doing reports on issues at Site C before the project gets placed on hold.

Premier John Horgan addressed the Site C report done by Peter Milburn during his first update for 2021.

“Mr. Milburn did not have the capacity to address the safety challenges that could emerge as a result of geotechnical issues that have arisen.”

Millburn, who was appointed to conduct the report in July 2020, is a former B.C. government bureaucrat with a background in civil engineering.

“Milburn worked with the information that was available to him the fix that’s been proposed by hydro, and we’re now asking for two other opinions on the efficacy of that fix,” says Horgan.

During the question period, Horgan was asked about the Site C turbines being moved from Prince George and how the project has not been put on hold after the Province received Milburn’s report.

According to Horgan, there is still a lot of work to put the project on hold.

Horgan also mentions that there will be two more international reports done on Site C and once they’re received, they will be made available to the public.

Site C’s budget in April 2018 was estimated at $10.7 billion. It included reserve and contingency funds of $1.5 billion. Construction on the project began in summer 2015.