FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The High on Ice Winter Fest is fast approaching, and with that, it’s been announced that there will be no ice slides and no fire and ice tower at this year’s event.

The City of Fort St. John Recreation Manager, Vanessa Cumming, says that advice given from Northern Health “advised against having slides and fire and ice tower because they know how popular those events are those features are.”

With the current Provincial Health Orders, any of the usual high traffic activities have not been advised by NH, including keeping events from Centennial Park.

Along with those changes, the Winter Fest will not be having any international ice carvers come for the event and instead will have an all Canadian team.

Something the recreation department is still working on is creating a passport event.

They’re still working with local businesses, but the idea is “to get people out and engaging with local businesses and service providers at their facilities where they already have COVID plans in place.”

Along with some outdoor events, like the ice sculpture drive-thru, the City will also be doing crafts and contests that can be done from home, including a snowman building contest, creating your own coloured ice, and a silly bobsled contest.

With crafts and contests, there will also be self-paced activities like outdoor skating at Mathews Park and Kin Park, a scavenger hunt, and a winter photo contest.

The Annual High on Ice Winter Fest will be taking place over Family Day weekend, February 12th to 15th.

More information on events can be found on the City’s website.