UPDATED: to include a comment from BC Hydro spokesperson, Dave Conway.

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C – Concerns have been raised surrounding a BC Hydro request to begin hauling excavated material by truck from Site C.

BC Hydro sent a letter on January 5, 2021, to the Peace River Regional District (PRRD) outlining their proposal to use trucks to haul material from the construction site.

Hydro aims to use up to 122 large trucks per hour on the Old Fort, 240 and 269 Roads for up to seven months a year over three years.  The trucks would be used rather than the current conveyor system.

Hydro will need to amend their Environmental Assessment Certificate before making the change.

In the report to the Peace River Regional District Board, it states the proposal causes concerns residents relating to traffic volumes, safety, dust, and noise.

BC Hydro spokesperson Dave Conway says the conveyor system will still transport a majority of materials required for construction.

“We are requesting this amendment as a result of the potential need to haul till material from the 85th Avenue Industrial Lands to the dam site when the conveyor is undergoing maintenance or in the event it’s not able to operate due to unforeseen circumstances.”

On Thursday, the PRRD board will also be presented with a Site C Community Measures Agreement (CMA) Update.

The District believes the proposal to use trucks to haul material from the dam will also affect its two financial compensation requests.

The compensation requests are related to solid waste (landfilling and recycling) and lost property tax revenue.

Last week, PRRD Chair Brad Sperling and team met with BC Hydro representatives three times relating to PRRD requests.  The district will be expected to receive a letter outlining BC Hydro’s response by next month.

Continued negotiations will follow the response in early February.