FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world in many ways. It’s changed how we live, how we mourn loved ones, it’s even changed how we spend time with family.

Kate Hadland and the staff of Tenacious Detail wanted to find a way to bring some positivity and togetherness to residents of Fort St. John, and that is how the Community Lantern Release was created.

The lantern release will be taking place on Saturday, December 19th. Everyone is encouraged to contact Hadland to pick up a lantern to release at the set time of 6 pm on Saturday.

The lanterns will be tethered, however, should the lantern getaway, Hadland has done her research, and they are biodegradable and are made with rice paper. She has also informed the airport of the release.

The lanterns are a way of honouring those we have lost, those in hospital and care homes, and those that are separated from family and friends.

Special guests of honour will be the families of both Natalie Small and Adaura Cayford.

If you’re interested in getting a lantern or wanting more information, you can contact Kate Hadland at 250-263-4988.