The province has been asked to improve lighting conditions around the Baldonnel railway overpass.

Electoral director Karen Goodings says residents are concerned the section of highway is too dark at night, making it dangerous for drivers.

Such a fix would have to be a joint project between the Ministry of Transportation and CN Rail, Goodings said, both of which the regional district approached for potential solutions earlier this year.

In a Sept. 8 response, ministry officials said the section of highway is classified as an “undivided, rural highway,” which are typically not fully illuminated.

The ministry said requests for extra lighting would have to go through its regional engineering group, and that the request has been added for its review.

“The reason why the corner is ‘darker’ is the motorist moving from a illuminated area into an unilluminated segment and the adjustment time for the eyes gives the perception of extra darkness,” wrote Florian Kund, bridge area manager for the North Peace.

“From my experience it is very hard to get the engineering support and warrants for extra and new illumination, as there are some very firm engineering guidelines that govern when and were luminaries are warranted.”

In the meantime, the ministry’s contractor was told to install more reflective markers on the overhead to highlight structure edges, Kund wrote.

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