HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. – Between October 18th and November 16th, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP responded to 24 calls for service.

Along with those service calls, they also issued 61 written violations and warning tickets to drivers. Within those 61, 44 were speeding violations in the school zone along Beattie Dr Highway, with road safety continuing to be a big focus for the Hudson’s Hope RCMP.

RCMP have been monitoring multiple construction zones along Highway 29 between Hudson’s Hope and the Half Way Bridge, issuing a multitude of speeding tickets. RCMP are asking that drivers following the regulatory speed signs and drive accordingly so construction workers and flaggers can do their work safely.

On October 20th, RCMP responded to a report of a theft from a motor vehicle from the parking lot of a local hotel. It’s reported that the owner observed a dark coloured minivan parked behind his vehicle and saw an unknown person standing beside the open door of the vehicle. When the owner got to the parking lot, the van had sped off. Several pieces of survey equipment and other personal items were noted to have been stolen. This is still an open file.

Also on October 20th, RCMP received a report of a cow that had fallen through the ice atop a slough and was unable to get out. When police arrived, they were able to break the ice and create a path, with the help of locals, a lasso was placed around the calf, and he was heaved out.

On October 24th, RCMP received a report of a vehicle collision along Highway 29 with one of the vehicles fleeing the scene. After police located the vehicle, the driver was found to be intoxicated and was charged with operating a conveyance while impaired.

On October 27th, RCMP received a report of a fraud in which a resident received a phone call from an unknown person claiming to be their daughter and that she was involved in a motor vehicle accident where a child was injured, and she was being charged and needed bail money. Later, another unknown person called claiming to be a lawyer and required money for bail for the ‘daughter’ that had called earlier. The lawyer informed the resident that she was not allowed to speak to anyone. Before the resident realized it was a fraudulent call, money had been sent. This file is still under investigation and is advising the public that if you receive any calls that sound suspicious in nature, contact their financial institutions and the RCMP before sending any money.

On November 10th, RCMP received a report of an abandoned Polaris Ranger side by side ATV that was found near a worksite along Canyon Drive. RCMP are still looking to track the owner down.

Anyone with information regarding current or past investigations can contact the Hudson’s Hope RCMP at 250-783-5241 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).