Time Zone change in the Peace should be left to the residents, says PRRD Chair

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Premier John Horgan has told British Columbians this year will be the last time the cloc…

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Premier John Horgan has told British Columbians this year will be the last time the clocks will fall back for the majority of the province.

Meanwhile, here in the B.C. Peace, daylight saving time has not been observed since the 1970s, making the region officially stay on Mountain Standard Time year-round.

Now, the question is, since the rest of the province is expected to scrap DST, what time zone would the Peace Region follow? Would they remain as is, go with B.C., or move to Alberta time?

According to an article by Global News, if legislation were to pass for B.C. to stop observing DST, the Peace Region would be allowed to continue their time traditions if they choose.

In the spring, after a vote from residents, the Yukon permanently switched to PDT all-year-round, ending time change for the Territory. Yukon’s time is now technically “inline” with the B.C. Peace, despite being classified in a different time zone.

Peace River Regional District Chair, Brad Sperling, says nothing has been officially discussed for time zone changes but says if anything were to come up, the decision to stay in the same time zone or change should be left up to the residents, similar to the process that was done in the 1970s.

If B.C. does scrap time change, they would permanently switch the province to Pacific Daylight Time in the spring. The change has been delayed due to constant chaos in the United States House of Representatives.

The full interview on time zone change can be watched on the latest episode of Moose Talks, which can be found in the video below at the 13:42 mark:


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