TAYLOR, B.C. – The ‘Coffee With Taylor Council’ took place Tuesday, November 3rd at the Taylor Community Hall and was live-streamed on the District of  Taylor Facebook page.

Taylor Mayor Rob Fraser was joined by councilors and some residents as they discussed things from core services and organizational reviews, an update regarding police presence in Taylor, COVID-19 impacts, the Animal Responsibility Bylaw, and the Jarvis Crescent subdivision.

One of the big topics of discussion was about getting a Police presence within Taylor. Currently, Taylor does not have an RCMP or Police presence directly in the community. There are two officers out of the Fort St. John detachment that looks after Taylor as well as the rest of the North Peace area, excluding Hudson’s Hope as they have their own RCMP detachment.

In order to get a police presence in the community, it would cost around $180,000 per officer that would be paid out of the community’s taxes. One of the big questions that Mayor Fraser does inquire about is what the community of Taylor is looking for in a presence, what type of coverage is needed.

Mayor Fraser also adds that the police presence will not be used to enforce bylaws but that they’ll enforce provincial and federal laws and statures.

Councilors also brought up that Taylor once had a Citizens on Patrol and that it could be an option but is something that needs to be a resident-led group and can’t be something spearheaded by council.

The full Coffee with Taylor Council discussion can be viewed below.