FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – As the Provincial General Election came to a close on Saturday, October 24th, it saw the BC Liberals of both the North and South Peace being re-elected.

According to the Conservative Party of BC leader, Trevor Bolin, this is just the beginning for the BC Conservatives. Bolin still plans to stay on as leader of the party even with the loss on the weekend.

According to Bolin, the election was still successful in giving residents and people, in general, a choice. It also helped to gain awareness of issues in communities that perhaps thought they didn’t have a voice.

Bolin also says that you don’t have to form government to ensure you’re being listened to. He also added that even though the party had not elected any officials, the party can still be community representatives.

In a release issued by Bolin, he says that the Conservative Party will build on what was learned and that this isn’t the end but the beginning.