Energeticcity.ca/Moose FM asked the candidates running in Peace River South the same eight questions.  A copy of each question and response has been posted at www.energeticcity.ca/election.  Each day from now until the election, we will post one question a day and the response sent by each candidate.

Today’s question is how would you attempt to connect with all constituents, including those that didn’t vote for you?

The following candidates are running in Peace River South, incumbent and B.C. Liberal candidate Mike Bernier, B.C. Conservative Party candidate Kathleen Connolly, B.C. NDP candidate Cory Grizz Longley and Dorothy Sharon Smith.

Election Day is Saturday, October 24.  Get out and vote.  To find where to vote, visit www.elections.bc.ca

Question: How would you attempt to connect with all constituents, including those that didn’t vote for you?

Mike Bernier

Elections are an opportunity to put out specific platforms of what we will try to accomplish if elected, but once elected you represent everyone and every concern in the riding that comes forward and you try your best to help. I have never once asked someone who they voted for because that is irrelevant once the election is over.

Kathleen Connolly

I am blessed that my family has spent many years here and have many friends within the entire south peace.  As Executive Director I have had the pleasure to work with elected leaders from all levels of government within both the north and south peace.  i also have a strong social media presence and field questions on a daily basis.  The riding is vast but beautiful and regular visits to communities in my riding would be a pleasure.  It would be my  goal to set up a part time office in Chetwynd to meet the needs of constituents in that area – we all know that transportation can be an issue and roads can be challenging in winter months.

Cory Grizz Longley

Dorothy Sharon Smith