Energeticcity.ca/Moose FM asked the candidates running in Peace River South the same eight questions.  A copy of each question and response has been posted at www.energeticcity.ca/election.  Each day from now until the election, we will post one question a day and the response sent by each candidate.

Today’s question is how will you advocate for the Taylor bridge to be replaced?  When would you like to see it replaced?

The following candidates are running in Peace River South, incumbent and B.C. Liberal candidate Mike Bernier, B.C. Conservative Party candidate Kathleen Connolly, B.C. NDP candidate Cory Grizz Longley and Dorothy Sharon Smith.

Election Day is Saturday, October 24.  Get out and vote.  To find where to vote, visit www.elections.bc.ca

Question: How will you advocate for the Taylor bridge to be replaced?  When would you like to see it replaced?

Mike Bernier

I have worked hard with Dan Davies from the North Peace to ensure we both have this as a top priority for our region. We continue to throw good money after bad with the maintenance on this old bridge. Dan and I have been able to work together as a region to advocate to the Province who is now looking at the process for options and I we will continue to make sure that this is recognized as a crucial piece of infrastructure that has huge economic consequences for the Province if not dealt with soon.

Kathleen Connolly

The Taylor bridge is a critical piece of infrastructure and in my opinion, should have been replaced long ago.  In my job as Chamber Executive Director and on behalf of our businesses in the South Peace – I have advocated long and hard (along with my colleagues) for this essential piece of transportation.  Government has made many promises to consider the replacement  but has not committed to anything.  We must continue to present business cases and models that confirm without the replacement of that bridge, industry would consider (and does) this a risk to their investment and our residents are put at risk of not being able to access medical care, the airport, government agencies and other resources.

Cory Grizz Longley

Dorothy Sharon Smith