DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – The Peace River Regional District sent a letter to candidates running in the upcoming B.C. election asking for help to negotiate a community measures agreement that will mitigate the impacts of Site C on the regional district residents and services.

The PRRD has welcomed both the jobs and economic benefits that the Site C dam has brung to the region. However, it also is looking to ensure that any adverse effects of the dam on the Regional District, its services, and the residents are being addressed.

Discussions with BC Hydro and most local governments and First Nations that have been experiencing impacts from Site C have been able to negotiate community measures to mitigate the impacts. However, even with this discussion, an agreement has not been announced, and negative impacts on the district services have continued during the construction.

Peace River Regional District Chair Brad Sperling says, “By getting an agreement in place now, it will be guided by actual, rather than forecast, impacts.”

Sperling also adds, “We are not asking for extraordinary measures or attention that other local governments and First Nations have not received. We simply want to make sure that Regional District services be maintained at least at pre-Site C levels and that no additional burdens are placed on the Regional District so that residents and the Regional District are no worse off, and preferably better off, after Site C construction and operation.”

The PRRD has listed the following impacts that require immediate attention:

Along with sending letters to the BC Liberal, BC NDP, and BC Conservative parties, the PRRD has also issued letters to the Peace River North and South ridings. The PRRD is awaiting to hear from candidates on what their parties’ views are ahead of the Provincial Election on October 24th.