HUDSON’S HOPE. B.C. –  Hudson’s Hope RCMP have released its police report for October 2020.

Between September 20th and October 18th, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP responded to 34 calls for service and wrote 87 violations and warning tickets to drivers. Highway and road safety was a main focus for the RCMP again during this period, with the school zone along Beattie Drive and the construction zones along Highway 29 being the bigger focuses for traffic enforcement.

Police have been monitoring the construction zones along Highway 29 between Hudson’s Hope and the Half Way Bridge, issuing many speeding tickets there over the last few weeks. Drivers are asked to acknowledge the white regulatory speed limit signs that are posted and drive accordingly, so construction workers and flaggers can conduct their work safely.

On September 23rd, Hudson’s Hope RCMP received a report of a suspicious male at the school who was observed using a metal detector around the grounds. The male was later seen taking a scooter belonging to a local youth and putting it in the back of a silver/grey newer model Ford truck before driving off. Police have been unable to locate the male driver or observed the truck in the area as no license plate was provided.

On September 28th, RCMP received a report of a break and enter at a commercial warehouse located alone the Peace Canyon Rd. Unknown suspects entered the area by cutting the chain-link fence and stole several propane tanks. ATV trackers were noted outside the area, and police have been monitoring.

On September 30th, RCMP received a report of a stolen refrigerated Sea-can that was stolen from a worksite on the Core Rd. A photograph has been distributed of the Sea-can as well as serial number ACSU202392522G1. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Hudson’s Hope RCMP.

On October 10th, RCMP received a report of an injured deer observed alone on Dudley Drive. When police arrived and located the deer, they saw no physical signs of injury from a vehicle or another animal. Due to the deer’s condition, it was put down, and local conservation officers were notified and have taken the deer for testing of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). Police are awaiting test results.

On October 16th, RCMP responded to a motor vehicle accident involving an empty school bus and a pickup truck along Canyon Drive. The school bus attempted to navigate a right-hand curve of the road, but due to icy conditions, the bus slide across the centre lane and struck a passing truck. Minor injuries were incurred, and the people involved were transported to the hospital to be assessed.

Police remind residents that winter graded tires are mandated between October 1st to Aril 30th, and failing to comply with this will accrue a $121 fine.

On October 16th, RCMP responded to another motor vehicle accident along Canyon Drive for a single vehicle that had slid off the road and side-swiped a hydro pole. The accident was the result of icy road conditions.

On October 17th, RCMP received a report of several loose cows along Canyon Drive near 400 Road. Police arrived on the scene but were unable to locate the herd. Police are reminding the there is a fine for cattle at large and could be issued to the owner for each individual cow if found on public roadways.

If anyone has information about any current or past investigations, you can contact Hudson’s Hope RCMP at 250-783-5241 or through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.