Energeticcity.ca/Moose FM asked the candidates running in Peace River North the same eight questions.  A copy of each question and response has been posted at www.energeticcity.ca/election.  Each day from now until the election, we will post one question a day and the response sent by each candidate.

Our first question is if elected, what would your main focus be for Peace River North?

Only B.C. Liberal candidate Dan Davies and B.C. Conservative Party leader Trevor Bolin have responded to our questions.

Election Day is Saturday, October 24.  Get out and vote.  To find where to vote, visit www.elections.bc.ca

Question:  If elected, what would your main focus be for Peace River North?

Trevor Bolin

My focus is no different then the concerns of the people in this region: representation. Forever we have been told we must vote for one party just to the keep the other party out, but I believe people should vote for platforms they resonate with, a candidate they can relate with who will listen to their concerns and be a champion for this region. The last five years have been some of the hardest times this region and its families have seen. Last year, I became the Leader of the Conservative Party of B.C. so that I could ensure that the representation that we so greatly deserve can become part of a platform that looks at B.C. and its people as one. Throughout the last half of 2019 we worked on building a platform by talking to people from all over B.C.: a platform that was made by British Columbians, for British Columbians, and voted on in February of this year in Abbottsford. This AGM was one of our most successful AGMs, long before we knew we would be headed into a snap election this Fall. Peace River North provides power, heat, food and massive GDP to the entire Province; this area was founded on that and the days of us being taken advantage of are over.

Dan Davies

It is hard to say one main focus as there are many that are equally connected. We must focus on continued economic growth if we are going to be able to provide good health care, education and look after those most vulnerable. BC has lost its competitive edge over the last three years and we must work to regain that – lowering taxes, reducing red tape and working with industry to bring jobs back to British Columbian using British Columbians!

Learn more about both candidates in Peace River North by visiting www.energeticcity.ca/election.