VANCOUVER, B.C. – As the Provincial Election approaches next week, October 24th, the three candidates, B.C. Premier and NDP leader John Horgan, B.C. Liberal leader, Andrew Wilkinson, and Green Party leader, Sonia Furstenau took part in the only radio debate. The debate, which took place on CKNW and was hosted by Simi Sara, saw Furstenau asking Premier Horgan about the Site C dam.

Green Party leader, Furstenau, questions Horgan on whether or not he will cancel the project after billions have been put into the project from B.C. taxpayers, “Will you commit to cancelling Site C if the analysis is correct and it will save money for British Columbians to do so?”

Horgan still implies that the Site C project was “passed on” by the B.C. Liberals, who left the NDP with the $4-billion bill. The current B.C. Premier also alleges that they had initially brought in experts for both the pro and con sides to Site C, even saying they were sworn in as cabinet ministers for a day so they could hear their views directly and confidently. From this, it was decided to continue with the project.

Due to engineer investigations, the instability of one of the river banks has been noted, and the government has hired a third party, former B.C. Liberal party member and former Deputy Minister of Finance, Peter Millburn has been added to oversee the problems and costs of the project and report back in the upcoming weeks. Horgan says once the report has been received and the evidence comes forward, they’ll be taking a good hard look, and if the science and economics say it’s wrong to proceed, “appropriate action will be taken.”

Locally, while on Moose Talks Friday morning, both North Peace candidates, incumbent and B.C. Liberal candidate Dan Davies and B.C. Conservative Party leader Trevor Bolin, both agreed that the Site C Project needs to be completed. Bolin says that an independent review should be done to be finished safely and that it needs to get back on track and back on budget. Davies stated that the project should have more transparency and that he has “faith in the project.”