FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – B.C. Conservative Leader Trevor Bolin says ignorance is not bliss when it comes to the Peace River Region.

According to Bolin, the Peace Region accounts for 80 percent of the agricultural export production, every year, and feels that the people and industries that built this province have been forgotten by their Government.

While the farmers and ranchers of the Peace Region accounted for over $1.5 billion of the Province’s GDP, Bolin says more needs to be invested in the very roads they rely on as they are “literally crumbling under their wheels”, posing a safety risk to the hardest working British Columbians.

Bolin says this ignorance is not new as it happened under the watch of both NDP and Liberal governments and that his party is committed to ensuring the safety and long-term sustainability of backbone industries.

“While other parties are committing to massive billion-dollar projects, I commit to ensuring the safety and long-term sustainability of the industries that feed us, house us, warm us,
and employ us.”