FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – In early September, the Indigenous Resource Network was formally launched in Fort St. John.

To get a better understanding of the Indigenous Resource Network, the Fort St. John Chamber of Commerce held an online discussion, with Judy Desjarlais, to talk about the organization.

According to Desjarlais, the IRN is made up of various indigenous workers, business owners, and leaders from across Canada that are involved with the oil and gas industry.

Desjarlais says the IRN was launched to connect Indigenous people that want to utilize their resources while managing their land.

“Our vision is to connect with indigenous people that seek to utilize their resources and to manage their land in a way that is sustainable, respectful, and that helps them to thrive.”

Desjarlais says the IRN also allows relations between First Nations and industry to be showcased in a positive light through videos and photos.

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The full discussion can be viewed below.