VICTORIA, B.C. – The Forest Practices Board has released its 2019-20 annual report.

The report shows the work the board has done over the last year and as well as highlighting some of their accomplishments over the last 25 years as this year marks the momentous occasion.

Kevin Kriese, board chair, says they want to acknowledge the five board chairs, 42 part-time board members, and the 126 employees and co-op students. They have helped contribute to more than 600 reports and 500 recommendations for how to improve the forest and range practices in the province over the last 25 years.

The board says this year was filled with some uncertainty from the COVID-19 pandemic. The board has had to look at how they can fulfill their mandate to audit and investigate while still complying with provincial guidelines to keep employees safe and to respect the wishes of small communities.

Some of the 2019-20 accomplishments detailed in the annual report include:

  • 11 audits of forestry and range operations
  • three reports on important forestry issues
  • Ten investigations of public complaints
  • nine recommendations for improvement to forest policy and practices
  • submissions to the government’s engagement initiatives for climate change adaption, changes to the Forest and Range Practices Act and wildlife management, and submission to the old-growth review panel

The annual report is posted on the board’s website.