FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – B.C. Winter Games President, Darren Snider provided City Council with information regarding Winter Games statistics.

The B.C Winter Games were held in Fort St. John from February 20 to 23, 2020.

At the regular City Council meeting on Monday, August 24, Snider says during that time frame, 987 athletes, 299 coaches, 208 officials were present for the games, with 2,171 volunteers registered.

According to Snider, the Games served over 19,000 meals, the average athlete age was 13.6 years old, and the games used 12 chartered flights.

In regards to financials, the exact number to be given back to the city is still under audit. However, Snider mentioned that the games did break a record with around $1.1 million in sponsorships. There was $293,000 in cash donations and $743,000 donated in kind, like tents and toilet rentals.

To give an idea of the comparison to other years, the 2018 B.C. Summer Games in Cowichan had $1 million. Meanwhile, the 2018 B.C. Winter Games in Kamloops had around $600,000.

Snider says the City could see around $200,000 back but is still waiting to hear. He also says that they’ve received almost $2-million in Legacy Fund applications.