MP Bob Zimmer – Weekly Report – Scandals and the proroguing of Parliament

On August 18, the day after the resignation of his hand-picked Finance Minister Bill Morneau, the Prime Minister announced that he would be proroguing Parliament until September 23.

This decision means the hybrid sitting of the House of Commons that was set to take place on August 26 has been cancelled and all committees – including those currently investigating the WE scandal – have been shut down.

Earlier this year, the Prime Minister shamefully suspended regular sittings of the House of Commons to try to avoid accountability. Now he has locked out Opposition MPs who were working hard to fix his government’s pandemic programs, help Canadians, and get to the bottom of the WE scandal.

By proroguing Parliament, it is clear Justin Trudeau is using the power of his office in an attempt to block the multiple investigations into his decision to hand $900-million to his friends at WE. It is unbelievable to me that in the midst of a health and economic crisis the Prime Minister would walk away from Canadians to try to avoid accountability for his own corruption.

Not only that, but just days after locking out MPs, the Liberals announced their plan to transition Canadians from CERB to the EI system, as well as the creation of three new benefits programs. It is unacceptable that they would announce these changes after shutting down Parliament. Canadians have serious questions about this transition and how it will affect them, not to mention how much it will cost taxpayers. The hybrid sitting on August 26 would have provided us the opportunity to ask those questions.

Make no mistake, Conservatives will continue to hold Justin Trudeau and his government accountable and we will keep fighting for the answers that Canadians deserve.

Throughout the pandemic, we have been focused on helping Canadians. Proroguing Parliament will not stop us in these efforts.

One thing is clear…hiding out for a month won’t solve the Liberals’ ethical problems. As long as Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister, the corruption will continue.

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