Council to look at helping NP Search and Rescue with a new home

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – North Peace Search and Rescue is looking for help to build a new home for the volunteer group in Fort St. John.

North Peace Search and Rescue is a professional volunteer search and rescue group that helps local agencies in ground and inland water search and rescue missions. North Peace Search and Rescue can only be tasked by groups like the RCMP, local fire departments and local governments.

The group is looking for support to build a new building to store their equipment. In the winter, vehicles and equipment are stored outside, which causes delays when responding to a call. The City currently provides a space at the Public Works building to store equipment.

After discussions with Fort St. John Fire Chief Darrel Blades, they have identified land near the City of Fort St. John Fire Department training facility.

Mayor Lori Ackerman asked City Staff to bring a report before Council with a cost estimate on a possible building for emergency response organizations like Search and Rescue.

Search and Rescue has been putting aside money for a building and originally asked the City to provide land for the facility.

So far in 2020, the group has been called to help 16 times, on average in the last four years, the group has been called out 20 times a year. Brian Lamond says he believes the increased call levels could be attributed to more people staying in B.C. this summer due to COVID-19.

North Peace Search and Rescue is made up of 38 active members, two first response trucks and the equipment used to support any type of search and rescue mission.


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