FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – If you have family that resides in long-term care homes or assisted living facilities, Northern Health has released an update about visitation.

If you’re visiting and are looking to bring in a game to play with the resident(s) Northern Health Infection Prevention Control department recommends the following:

  • Only bringing in items that can be wiped down, paper products are difficult to wipe down effectively. In regards to playing cards, Northern Health suggests buying a new deck of cards and only use this deck with the resident you are visiting. When you’re ready to leave, wipe down the cards and place them in a plastic bag until you visit again.
  • Wipe down and seal items in a plastic bag, disinfect the entire bag, including the handle, inside, and outside, with one of these approved disinfectants: bleach, ammonia-based cleaner, alcohol-based cleaner, or hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner.
  • When you arrive at the facility, be sure to declare your items, they will have to be wiped down again. Once everything has been disinfected, you are to head to the designated visitation area or wait for further instructions on where you will be meeting the resident.
  • When you leave, wipe down everything and seal all items in a plastic bag and take your things with you.

During any and all social visits, visitors are expected to bring and wear their own masks, residents will not need to wear a mask.

Any residents with Sensory Deprivation, are older and/or have underlying health conditions are not able to receive visitors at this time.