VANCOUVER, B.C. – With the B.C. Day long weekend fast approaching, ICBC and Police are reminding the public to drive safely, and if you plan to drink, please don’t drive.

Police are planning to be setting up CounterAttack road checks across the province to get impaired drivers off the roads.

If you’re caught driving under the influence, there are several lasting ways you could end up paying, whether its from increased insurance premiums to fines, car impoundment, or even jail time.

On average, around four people are killed, and 620 people are injured in 2,200 crashes across the province over the B.C. long weekend.

Ways to stay safe if you’re deciding to take a trip are:

  • If you’re away from home and not familiar with options available to get you home safely if you’ve been drinking, like taxis, transit, shuttle services, or ride-sharing before you head out
  • Most crashes on the B.C Day long week tend to occur on Friday, so if you can leave Thursday or Saturday morning to avoid traffic congestion. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep and are well rested for travel and plan out your route.
  • Check your oil, coolant levels, and lights as well as inspecting your tires to make sure everything is it good condition before you leave.
  • Watch for motorcyclists on the roads
  • Be patient with R.V drivers and if you are driving an R.V, pull over when it is safe to do so to let people pass safely