VICTORIA, B.C. – Since the pilot launch of the B.C Land Matching Program (BCLMP) with the help of Young Agrarians, more than 70 farmers from throughout British Columbia the chance to find new opportunities in farming.

BCLMP helps to connect new, young, and established farmers with landholders that are seeking to lease their properties to ensure their lands stays in production or start to produce food.

The farmers have over 4,600 acres of land combined that have been brought into or maintained in agricultural production, and there have been 81 matches.

Businesses can be matched with more than one property and have been made on acreages of all sizes, whether it’s less than one acre to larges plots of farmland.

Land matchers provide personalized support services to any new farmers and landholders so they can help them to better understand the regulations, evaluate opportunities, access resources, and find a land match partner.

The BCLMP is part of Grow BC, a mandate commitment of the Ministry of Agriculture that helps to support young farmers and food producers who are seeking a career in agriculture. They also help to address any significant challenges for new farmers like gaining access to land.

This program is also apart of the Province’s broader New Entrant Strategy, which is a framework for increasing the number of new and young farmers that work in B.C.’s agriculture sector.