FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Fort St. John City Council will look at the cost of upgrading railway crossings in Fort St. John to reduce the use of train whistles in the City.

According to City Staff, residents have been filing complaints regarding trains blowing their whistle and the length of time for whistleblowing as they pass through Fort St. John in the northeastern part of the City.

Trains are required by federal legislation to blow their whistles at railway crossings on a railway corridor. If a crossing is upgraded to include a warning system like flashing lights and a bell, that will reduce the need for any train to use its whistle.

Complaints are mainly coming from the north end of the City. There are five rail crossings in that area, of which half are controlled by the City of Fort St. John and the rest by the Ministry of Transportation.

Since the City only controls half the intersections, a train whistle would still be required at the other half of the crossings.

At the direction of Fort St. John City Council, City staff will investigate the costs of the upgrades and start the application process with C.N.

City staff will also start a consultation with residents and report back on the results and the upgrade costs before any changes are approved.