FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A camping trip has left a local couple $675,000 richer after playing ‘Set for Life’ on the way to the lake.

Bonnie and Carl Niekamp, of Fort St. John, had stopped in at Charlie Lake Store to pick up the Scratch & Win ticket, one of their favourite traditions, but were not on the road long when the camping trip took an unexpected detour after scanning their ticket with the BCLC Lotto App.

Bonnie says she asked her husband Carl to pull over as they were shocked to discover they had won on their ticket.

“When it told me I was a winner, I asked Carl to pull over. We were both shocked. I turned the ticket over to make sure we were playing the game right and read over the instructions.”

The couple, nearing retirement, plan to use the money towards travel to see their children and grandchildren more frequently.