VICTORIA, B.C. – The Province has laid out details of a repayment plan that will be implemented later in the summer. This plan will help renters and landlords to transition as well as helping tenants who are in arrears to continue their housing when the ban on evictions for non-payment of rent is lifted on September 1st.

Ensuring renters have an acceptable timeframe to repay the rent that is owed, the Province will be implementing a plan. The plan will apply once the eviction ban has been lifted. It requires that the landlord give the tenant until July 2021 to repay any outstanding rent.

The Province plans to lift the ban ahead of September 1st, which means renters will need to pay their monthly rent in full beginning September 1st. However, the idea for the repayment plan is that renters will have a 30 day grace period from the first rent due date. Meaning, the renters have until October 1st to pay the rent, assuming their landlord provides a repayment plan before the end of August.

Some renters and landlords have been working together to make arrangements during the COVID-19 pandemic so that some flexibility may mean some adjustment to the payment amounts, which could mean a lower price starting out and then increasing the price every month or until the rents paid.

Rent increases are still restricted until December 2020, and landlords will continue to have the ability to limit access to shared spaces when required for COVID-19 related health reasons.