HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. – B.C. Hydro says more spills at the W.A.C. Bennett and Peace Canyon dams could happen this week.

Late Sunday night Hydro did a spill at the W.A.C. Bennett dam to reduce water levels. The spill only affected the Bennet dam, and the extra water was kept in the reservoir for the Peace Canyon Dam.

This week, Hydro says any new spill could affect the Peace River’s water levels as both the Peace Canyon and Bennett dams could spill.

Hydro says, “Residents along the river – including those immediately downstream of the Peace Canyon Dam – may notice higher than normal river levels. Flows downstream of the Site C construction site are expected to be much less than what occurred during the spring snowmelt and recent rainfall events.”

If required, spills could begin this week and last for up to several weeks, depending on the weather factors.

Before this summer, the last spill at the Bennett Dam happened in 2012.