UPDATE: The District of Taylor has released that they will allow tenting at Peace Island Park, campers will have to supply their own water in order to be able to practice proper hygiene.

TAYLOR, B.C. – The District of Taylor is in the process of releasing COVID-19 safety plan policies for the operations of Peace Island Park.

During a special meeting on Thursday, July 9, Council reviewed the proposed revisions for the Park’s Operational Safety Plan.

According to the District’s Director of Finance, Michael McPhail, one of the revisions is to only allow British Columbians to have use of the park until the pandemic passes.

The decision to only allow residents access to the Park is part of Provincial guidelines to help reduce the inter-provincial spread of COVID-19.

The revised Park Operational Safety Plan will be released upon approval from the Cheif Administrative Officer.

Also during Thursday’s meeting, Council approved a summer kids camp at the Park for ages five to 12.

Further information can be found on the District of Taylor’s website.