Road safety, property theft reduction, and community outreach are the three core initiatives Hudson’s Hope RCMP will focus on this year, says new detachment commander Cpl. Rob Gardner.

Gardner joined the detachment in May, after transferring from Stewart, and looks forward to a three-year term in the small town.

“For 2020, we’re keeping it very similar to what we had last year,” said Gardner, who brings an extensive background in community policing.

With Site C construction ramping up, Gardner says road safety is a key priority and RCMP will be monitoring traffic closely.

“We have a lot of construction vehicles that are expected to go through town. We want to keep everyone safe and keep a watch on the speed,” Gardner said, noting the monitoring won’t be limited to just construction traffic.

Checkstops are planned this summer to ensure motorists are keeping to posted speed limits, and making sure travellers have properly secured their trailers and ATVs.

The Hudson’s Hope school zone remains a high-risk speeding area, and Gardener expects a speed board will be installed this fall in conjunction with the start of the new school year.

The second initiative is property crime reduction, says Gardner.

As of June 30, the detachment has responded to 18 reports of property crime so far this year, including seven thefts, six mischief incidents, and five break and enters. 

“There are a lot of small thefts, so we’ll be increasing our rural patrols. Unfortunately it’s the nature of the beast we have here in town,” said Gardner. 

Finally, the detachment will be maintaining its relationship with the community, attending school events and supporting a music program created by Cst. Tim Hart, a trained musician.

“Personally, I love doing things like floor hockey and basketball, and just getting to know the students,” said Gardner.

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