VICTORIA, B.C. – The Province is extending its federal employment insurance exemptions and the provincial temporary crisis supplement. With these extensions, it will help to ensure people on income or disability assistance and low-income seniors still continue to have access to the supports they need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Back in April, the Province announced a three-month exemption period of all federal employment insurance benefits, including the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, for people that were already receiving income or disability assistance and support at the time. This exemption was put in place to make sure current clients whose employment may have been impacted by the pandemic didn’t face any additional problems and were able to fully benefit from these federal emergency response programs.

These exemptions, which also now includes the Canada Emergency Student Benefit, have now been extended for the duration of these federal emergency support programs so that any eligible people can continue to fully benefit from them without having any reductions to their monthly income or disability assistance payments.

Anyone who is not eligible for the federal benefits can use the Province’s temporary COVID-19 Crisis Supplement which has been provided since April 2020 and will also be extended an additional two months. This supplement program will continue to be provided to low-income seniors who already receive the B.C Senior’s Supplement and income assistance and recipients who reside in special care facilities. No action is required from these recipients and a temporary $300 crisis supplement will continue to be automatically applied to cheques that will be distributed on July 22 and August 26.

These measures are all part of the B.C Government’s COVID-19 Action Plan to provide income supports, tax relief, and direct funding for people, businesses, and services.

To learn more you can go to the B.C Government website.