FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Dan Davies, MLA for Peace River North, says it’s inappropriate that the Province isn’t sharing information about the Old Fort Landslide.

The Peace River Regional District requested information about the slide in 2018 through a Freedom of Information request. That request was denied on the grounds it could possibly harm law enforcement.

Davies states that it was completely inappropriate that they’re were not sharing that information, which could help the Regional District as well as be beneficial to the residents of Old Fort and most likely holds some information they should be aware of. Davies is hoping they hear back with an answer and an outcome soon.

While on Moose Talks last Friday, June 26, Brand Sperling had stated that the Regional District has received an email stating that the request was now under review.

Davies also stated the residents of Old Fort held a meeting on June 30th at Lido Theatre to discuss their concerns and that there is currently a meeting lined up for next week with himself, Bob Zimmer, Brad Sperling, and Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety, and who also oversees the Emergency Management BC.

Davies hopes to discuss access to the community and follow up on the issues raised during the community meeting.

Davies believes there is even more anxiety in the Old Fort with the heavy rains the Peace has experienced this week. “What is that going to do and how is that going to impact the slide right now.”

You can watch the full Moose Talks video below.