Construction of a temporary road into the Old Fort could start this weekend

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Construction of a temporary road into the Old Fort could start as soon as this weekend.

The Ministry of Transportation is working on a plan to create temporary access to the Old Fort that could see construction start as soon as Sunday.

A geotechnical review of the area will guide officials on when they can safely start construction. Initially, the road will be used to provide passage for essential services vehicles, including household water, garbage and sewage services.

The Ministry of Transportation doesn’t believe the road will be available until late next week, and the weather could change that schedule.

Ministry staff and technical experts will continue to monitor during and following this event for slide activity or any new movement. Ponding and flowing water in the Eastern crevice of the slide will continue to be monitored.

For residents that feel they can no longer remain at their home in the Old Fort, will be escorted across the slide with the help of North Peace Search and Rescue. Residents will be able to bring limited belongings since they will be using all-terrain vehicles to leave the community.

Any residents that wish to leave or need assistance can call the new Emergency Support Services number: 250-219-0447

Boat Access to the Community

The river situation has hampered the District’s ability to deliver planned emergency water, garbage and sewage services.
While river flows are high and debris is extensive, our work crews will be providing services on an intermittent and only-as-safe basis using fan boats. Trips will be for cargo except when supporting evacuation needs.

Persons with vehicles at the Peace Island Park terminus can arrange for transport to their vehicle, but there will be no return trip to Old Fort.
Over the next 72 hours, the crews will focus on removing garbage to reduce issues with bears or other wildlife and providing water to households in dire need.

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