PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. – The United Way of Northern BC (UWNBC) has completed their first round of allocations for the Emergency Community Support Fund.

Over $508,000 has been granted to 23 non-profit agencies to cope with the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic and help to provide support to those who may be in need across Northern B.C.

A major portion of the funding has been distributed to programs and initiatives providing food security and mental health support to the most vulnerable population.

The need for support has been growing in Northern B.C.

The non-profit agencies are beginning to struggle to keep doors open and help to provide essential services because of the economic troubles due to the pandemic. Government funding under Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund has enabled UWNBC to help fund these agencies to ensure that important critical support continues and that the population in Northern B.C. that is struggling during these times are being provided assistance.

The United Way of Northern B.C. is looking to help improve communities in Northern B.C through means of connection resources to local needs. UWNBC will positively affect 1 in 3 people through their impact work in the region, by empowering other non-profits, engaging with community partners, and at multiple levels, advocating the unique needs of the Northern B.C. region.

More information can be found on the United Way website.