VANCOUVER, B.C. – The B.C. Conservation Officer Service says it continues to be busy with bear sightings across the Province.

In an update, on Thursday, BC COS Deputy Chief, Chris Doyle, reports that bears are venturing into many neighbourhoods looking for unsecured attractants, such as garbage and birdseed.

According to Doyle, the COS has received many reports of bears being spotted in parks and campgrounds where discarded food has been left behind.

Doyle says tickets have been issued to offenders and that the best way to prevent human-wildlife conflicts is to secure attractants.

“Tickets have been given to individuals with unsecured attractants and, remember, people need to secure attractants, the best way to prevent human-wildlife conflicts from happening in the first place is to secure attractants.”

The COS says it will continue to enforce the securing of attractants.