DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – Dawson Creek RCMP say they have been dealing with many reports of graffiti within the City of Dawson Creek.

According to Staff Sargeant Damon Werrell, graffiti can degrade a neighbourhood and can have effects on residents and business owners.

“Graffiti affects us all, it can degrade a neighbourhood and can have both negative economic and psychological effects on residents and business owners.”

Damon says graffiti can result in damage to property and is considered a serious matter by the Dawson Creek RCMP.

Here are some tips as to what to do about graffiti to your home or business:

  • The key to controlling graffiti is rapid and consistent removal. The removal takes away notoriety gained by the graffiti vandal and sends a message that their activities will not be tolerated. In some cases, graffiti may need to be removed from the same spot a number of times in order to discourage the vandal. Studies have shown that graffiti tags left up almost always attract more graffiti and other crime to the area.
  • Consider using graffiti resilient paints and products the next time you update the exterior of your home or business.
  • Install video surveillance or motion sensor lights in vulnerable areas.
  • Report graffiti to the police or make a report using Online Crime Reporting Tool

The Dawson Creek RCMP want to remind those responsible that graffiti and other vandalism is a criminal offence and encourages the public to call and report suspicious activity.