The Peace River Regional District awarded $3.68 million in solid waste contracts at its June 25 meeting:
• Chapman Industries was awarded a $335,797.06 contract to handle the first phase of decommissioning bulky pits at PRRD transfer station sites. Stations at Cecil Lake, Kelly Lake, and Rose Prairie are the proposed pits for decommissioning due to water continuing to gather each spring where waste is deposited. Tipping rail and 40 yard bins will be used to manage the waste, once the pits are fully decommissioned in a second phase of work next year.

• Northern Portables was awarded a $115,200 contract for the installation of recycling sheds at transfer stations. The sheds will allow for a single collection point for seven different types of recycling streams, with weather-proof storage.

• OCL Industrial Services was awarded a $2,961,628.05 contract for leachate pond expansion at Bessborough Landfill. The expansion will provide storage for 199,500m³ of material, and the regional district expects another six years of landfilling.

• Knappett Industries was awarded a $268,998.50 contract for upgrades to the gas collection system at the North Peace Regional Landfill. Under provincial regulations, the PRRD is required to mitigate impacts caused by landfill gas generated from garbage incineration. A field expansion is planned that will maximize the methane captured, which can be reused for burning.

• Green For Life Environmental was awarded a one-year contract to produce Bio-Sul material at the North Peace Regional Landfill. Bio-Sul is a recycled, nutrient source consisting of 70% elemental sulphur and 30% compost, which can be used in agriculture to promote crop growth. GFL currently brings in compost to the landfill from Alberta, which is blended with the sulphur and then sent to markets in Saskatchewan. A composting pad at the landfill generated 30,892 tonnes last year with revenues of $154,462. The board also expressed interest in a tour of the facility.

A landfill in Chetwynd is also set to close as part of a plan agreed to in 2019, two contracts in the hands of Sperling Hansen Associates with earthworks and liner installation costing $1,428,773. 

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