FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Jay Hill, former Conservative MP for Prince George and Peace River, was on Moose Talks Friday morning to discuss his recent change to interim leader for Wexit Canada.

Hill stated that it was not a quick decision for him to take on the role of interim leader for Wexit Canada and that he only plans to serve as an interim leader. He stated that he has been writing columns for newspapers and speaking out about what he feels is the mistreatment of Western Canada by the “Gold Triangle”, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. He’s hoping this will be a step forward in a better credible future for future generations.

Hill talked about some short term goals for Wexit Canada, currently, for short-term goals, the party is looking to build credibility, sell memberships, and get financial resources. As for medium-term goals, it all depends on the COVID-19 pandemic, the party is looking to have a convention and a leadership race at said convention.

When asked about why not just work with Conservatives, Hill stated that he was not opposed to working with Conservatives but that the western provinces will never receive full fairness. The bulk of senate votes are from Ontario and Quebec, who each have 24 members in the senate where the western provinces altogether have 24 members.

Hill also stated that in regards to a western separation that he can’t fully speak on that, the party itself has only had two board meetings so far and that designing policies of that sort with the eight board members would be inappropriate. The policies are something Hill would like to be voted on at a convention when that is able to happen.

For more information you can watch the video from Moose Talks below.