FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – There is quite a bit of frustration and uncertainty surrounding the situation of the Old Fort Landslide.

On Thursday, June 18, the 2018 Old Fort Landslide had moved again, causing the Old Fort Road to become inaccessible to traffic.

Despite the road being pushed out by the landslide, Old Fort resident Bobbi Pardy says, herself and fellow residents are better prepared compared to 2018.

“It’s a little bit better because the Old Fort community is a little bit more prepared, I guess, it wasn’t a surprise like it was last time.”

While they are better prepared, Pardy says she finds it a bit upsetting that the Province has done nothing since the initial slide in 2018.

Local M.P. Bob Zimmer calls the Province’s handling of the situation “ridiculous” and that residents and the Peace River Regional District should be able to receive answers from the Province.

“We do need to push for answers, It’s just ridiculous. There’s alternative routes that we were even looking at, at the time, that if you had to get out, there were other possibilities… A lot of big questions to have answers for from the Government.”

Both Pardy and Zimmer hope to hear a plan soon for the next steps on how the landslide will be dealt with and if residents will need to evacuate.