FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The City of Fort St. John’s Recreation facilities could open on September 8.

At Monday’s Council meeting, Recreation Manager Vanessa Cumming presented the City’s plan to re-open facilities.

The City has created a four-phase plan, with the City currently in phase 1. In phase two, which should start in early July, the City will start some selective outdoor programming and launch the mobile Visitor Centre.

The City’s facilities like the Pomeroy Sport Centre and the Noth Peace Leisure Pool will remain closed until phase three.

If B.C. and Fort St. John continues to flatten the curve, the City’s indoor facilities could open as early as September 8, 2020. The Pomeroy Sport Centre and the Field House will open first, followed shortly by the North Peace Leisure Pool and North Peace Arena. The City will also run select indoor programming in phase three.

Phase four will see the City’s facilities open to full use under any restrictions of the “new normal.”

Each group that uses City facilities will need to create and implement their COVID-19 operating plan. Those plans will need to be approved by their Provincial Sport body and not the City of Fort St. John.

Each group will be responsible for enforcing the rules in their plan, and the City will enforce any rules for spectators and the general public that uses the facility.

The City will follow a rule of one person per 20 square feet, which could mean more than 50 people are allowed in a larger building, such as the Pomeroy Sport Centre.

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