FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Members of the Blueberry River First Nation were protesting, on Tuesday afternoon, outside of their office on 100 Avenue for the removal of Former Chief Marvin Yahey.

At the June 10 meeting, Councillors alleged the Chief has failed to act in the Blueberry River First Nation’s best interest. Councillors also argue Yahey has not acted transparently, failed to address concerns over COVID-19, did not hold regular council meetings and provide or maintain proper meeting minutes.

Among the protesters were youth, such as Trinity Desjarlais, who want a leader that can provide a better future for the reserve.

“I’m here to basically show that the youth do have a part in this, and this is for the youth, and this is to show that we want a better chief, a better council for a better future for all of us.”

According to Boomer Desjarlais, the Federal Government has already signed a stamp of approval for Yahey to be removed as Chief and that they are looking forward to having a chief and council that can provide transparency and communication to its members.

Yahey says he remains Chief

Meanwhile, Yahey released another statement Tuesday saying that he remains Chief of the Blueberry River First Nation. Yahey says that at least four people were needed to hold a Council meeting and that since there were only three people at the meeting on June 10, he remains Chief.

The three Councillors who voted to remove Yahey say that three people is all that is needed to hold the meeting and vote to remove him from office.

Yahey says the Council meeting held to remove him was “illegal and invalid,” but hasn’t provided any information to back up this claim.

During the protest on Tuesday, demonstrators put a chain on the Blueberry River First Nation office in Fort St. John. Yahey says he condemns that move, “impeding access to a number of critical services for our people during this global pandemic and puts our Elders and other vulnerable community members at risk.”

Below is a copy of the letter released by Yahey on June 16, 2020.