FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Chief Marvin Yahey says he is still the Chief of the Blueberry River First Nation.

In a Facebook post late Wednesday, Chief Yahey says a vote held Wednesday to remove him as the Chief was illegal.

According to Chief Yahey, three Blueberry River First Nation Councillors attempted to remove him from office during Wednesday’s meeting

The post says, “There was no legal authority for the meeting held today on a mere 24 hours notice, and any vote or decision taken is of no legal force and effect. Our Code was approved by a majority of Blueberry members and sets out a very specific process that must be followed for these kinds of matters.”

According to other media reports, a petition with signatures from over 200 Blueberry residents was presented, asking for the removal of Chief Yahey.

Chief Yahey said in the statement. ” I have not even been provided with a copy of the petition, nor has there been any opportunity to verify the signatures as the Code requires. There is nothing fair or democratic in what the three councillors attempted to do today.”

Chief Yahey says he remains Chief and will continue to serve in that capacity.

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