A recent coronavirus outbreak linked to a family gathering in British Columbia set off a new alarm about the importance of physical distancing, even as provincial rules loosen up.

While the province’s top doctor deemed it a “warning sign to us all,” some Canadian experts put it more simply — it’s inevitable.

“It’s not nice to say, ‘Get used to it,’ but we are going to see this. There’s much more of this to come,” said Dr. Isaac Bogoch, an infectious diseases specialist at Toronto General Hospital.

“You don’t need a crystal ball to know that this is also going to happen when we start to open up daycares, schools, or when people go back to the office.”

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At least 15 recent cases were tied to a family event in B.C.’s Fraser Health region. Roughly 30 people attended the gathering, which took place both indoors and outdoors, according to health officials.

The province is currently in the second phase of its recovery plan. Restaurants, gyms and hair salons were given the green light to reopen at half-capacity about three weeks ago.