FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Council members, discussed the reasons why Fort St. John needs a new RCMP detachment at their regular meeting on Monday, June 8.

For example, the current detachment is undersized by 42 percent and does not meet RCMP standards under the Municipal Policing Unit Agreement. There are size constraints and tight quarters. The existing HVAC system would be a struggle to be effective and efficient; the electrical is near the end of service life and currently, there is no fire protection or sprinkler system.

The option to push the build a year was also discussed; however, should that happen, the building cost could rise 12 to 15 percent.

Every year on hold also means putting upgrades into the current building, but that could lead to security risks and longer it’s delayed the more money it could cost the city in the end.

The province will be paying 37.5 percent of the cost of the new RCMP Detachment through lease payments instead of using the money in the account. Instead of taking out 100 percent of the cost, the city will be using 62.5 percent from the city’s reserves, leaving funds in there for other projects and making money off of it for investments.

City Councillors also made a point to acknowledge that the current detachment will still somehow be utilized once the new detachment is built.