Canada reported an additional 527 new cases of the novel coronavirus, including 35 new deaths.

Monday’s daily case count brings Canada’s total number of COVID-19 infections to 96,228. The country’s death toll from the virus now also sits at a total of 7,835.

The newly-reported cases, which were tallied from numbers released by federal and provincial health authorities on Monday, continues to follow a trend of declining daily numbers that have been reported over the last week.

The bulk of Monday’s cases, however, were yet again announced by Ontario and Quebec, despite a drop in daily cases from both provinces.

Ontario, which overtook Quebec for the highest daily reported COVID-19 cases, added a total of 243 new infections on Monday.

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Coronavirus: Toronto business owners, operators react to delay reopening

Daily reported cases in Quebec reached a new milestone on Monday, as well, with only 198 new cases of the coronavirus — the first time new infections in the province flew below the 200 mark since March 22.