DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – Concerned Citizens for Caribou Recovery have started a petition calling on the Government to halt the moose cull, following the Province’s plans on increasing hunt tags for cows and calves as a way to protect the caribou population.

According to Kathleen Connolly, of Concerned Citizens for Caribou Recovery and Executive Director of the Dawson Creek Chamber of Commerce, the Government’s approach by removing moose is not the right way and should be focusing more on the aggressive program of predator control.

Connolly says she does not understand the Province’s decision to cull moose when there are proven studies showing the wolf cull is effective.

“There is evidence to show that the wolf cull is working. I think that, in the Northeast region and across the province, there was just under 500 wolf kills in the last wolf cull and we are hearing now that the populations are definitely growing in caribou.”

By having a petition signed, Connolly hopes the Government will immediately rescind all hunting tags on moose and look at increasing the wolf cull program.

The petition can be signed by visiting change.org.